Sales and Service Manager™

Set goals and track results for all areas of your business

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Sales Vision provides a complete sales and service management solution for financial institutions.

Sales Vision has pre-built interfaces to many host systems, databases, and marketing extract files so that you can have an enterprise-wide sales and service management system up and running quickly in your datacenter or ours.

With our comprehensive goal management system you can do top-down or bottom-up allocations and distribute results to all areas of your organization.

With just a web browser, managers and staff can access vital information quickly and easily so that everyone always knows what they need to do and how they’re doing.

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Key Benefits

  • Manage all types of goals (sales, service, referrals, portfolios, etc.)
  • Hierarchal structure makes it easy to roll up goals to higher levels and see all areas of your business
  • Top-down, bottom-up , and manual goal allocation
  • Sales and Service Dashboard enables staff to look at all aspects of their business