Referral Manager

Everything you need to capture, route, follow-up and incentivize on referrals

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Sales Vision provides an easy-to-use referral management solution for financial institutions that want to boost sales and strengthen customer relationships.

Referral Manager™ is designed to work with your existing teller, platform, and call center systems, either as an integrated component or as a standalone system giving your servicing staff the ability to quickly generate and follow up on referrals and track activities.

With our automatic routing, referrals are automatically delivered to the correct areas of the organization for follow up, and when tied in to our Sales and Incentive Management systems, you can be sure that referrals are being followed up properly and that your staff is rewarded for meeting their goals.

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Key Benefits

  • Record referrals quickly and automatically route them to the appropriate staff for follow up
  • Automatically track the status of all referrals and sales made from them
  • Record employee activities and approve them for incentives
  • Manage incentives tied to activities and referrals