Performance Manager™

Browser-based employee reviews with direct feeds of their goals and results

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Sales Vision provides a complete browser-based performance management solution based on the Balanced Scorecard concept.

The Sales Vision Performance Management System™ automates the review process while also providing a high level of flexibility. The system combines quantitative information (goals and results taken from other systems), with more subjective human factors to ensure that performance evaluations are balanced and have real meaning to the individual employee.

The Scorecard Designer gives you complete flexibility in designing your review forms.

The Scorecard Manager automates the process of inserting goal and result values for each individual as well as managing the distribution and reporting of all reviews.

Key Benefits

  • Manage all of your employee reviews electronically
  • Use your existing review forms or design new ones
  • Automatically integrate goals and results into the review forms
  • Employees and managers reviews thru their browser
  • All reviews are centrally managed, tracked, and consolidated