Incentive Manager™

Manage incentives for all areas of your business

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Sales Vision provides a comprehensive incentive management solution that makes it easy to plan, define and manage incentive programs for all areas of your organization.

Our sophisticated incentive management tools make it easy for you to set up even the most complex multi-phase incentives and then roll them out to your organization.

Since our incentive management products are built on top of our sales and service management system, incentives are automatically tied to sales and service goals and results, and information flows seamlessly throughout the system.

With just a web browser, anyone from headquarters down to remote branches and call centers can access vital information quickly and easily.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible rules designed to fit almost any financial institution’s needs
  • Tiered plans for groups or individuals
  • Can be based on historical results or point-in-time
  • Dollar and points based
  • Exports to your payroll system
  • Provides budgetary data prior to implementing incentive plans