Company Overview

Carlsbad, CaliforniaSales Vision, Inc. is a privately held company located in beautiful Oceanside, California that provides sales and service management software to businesses with distributed sales and service organizations. The company was founded in May, 2004 by Bob Tyler and Steve Pantazis, with 35 years combined experience in software development, implementation and consulting, and developing sales management, customer relationship management and data warehousing solutions.

The Sales Vision team is led by Steve Pantazis, President and CEO, Don Ruesch, Vice President and CFO, Steve Weller, Software Engineer, and Tony deSouza-Lawrence, Sales Executive.

Sales Vision launched its initial suite of products in November, 2004.

"To provide comprehensive sales and service management solutions to enable our clients to grow and improve their business through better management, distribution, analysis and forecasting of goals and results."

"To be the premier provider of sales and service management solutions across multiple industries."