Sales Vision CRM

Analytics, Campaigns and Contact Management through Sales Force Automation

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Sales Vision provides a real-time Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for financial institutions that want to provide personalized, one-to-one marketing to their customers and members.

Create qualified leads lists for marketing campaigns with Sales Vision's CRM Analytics™, or import your own lists from your marketing or third party systems. Use Promotion Manager™ to drive targeted marketing campaigns through all your channels--branch, call center, e-mail, direct mail and Web--and monitor their progress and success through Sales Vision's dashboards and reports. Tie incentives to promotion activities to reward high achievers for bringing in the business you need.

Contact Manager™ gives your team the ability to manage contacts for customers, members and prospects, handle follow-ups and communications, and act as a central hub for monitoring campaign and referral activities to generate more sales!  

Key Benefits

  • Use our CRM Analytics to define marketing lists, OR
  • Manage leads generated by your marketing system
  • Record interaction results
  • Track the status of your campaigns
  • Automate incentive earnings and payouts tied to campaigns
  • Manage contact relationships, appointments, communications, history and success of sales activities